Beveler B15

(max. width of bevel 15mm)

The beveler B15 is a heavy-duty hand held beveler which uses 5 indexable carbide inserts for a chattler-free beveling. The design allows straight edges, contours and cutouts to be beveled with ease.

  • Works with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and other materials.
  • The precision dial scale allows precise adjustment of the chamfer height.
  • Variable electronic feedback speed control allows stable cutting speed, no matter the load, for precision results with various materials.
bevel angle optional 30°, 37,5°, 45°, 50°, 60°, other angles on demand
bevel width
  • 0 – 15 mm <400 N/mm2
  • 0 – 8 mm >400 N/mm2
bevel width 60°
  • Steel 0 – 4 mm 400 N/mm2 infinitely adjustable
  • Aluminium 0 – 4 mm 250 N/mm2 infinitely adjustable
Radius 2.5mm
Voltage 230 V 60 Hz
Power of motor 1,8 kW
RPM (no load) 2300 - 6500
Weight aprox. 6,5kg

Included in the price:

Beveler B15

Needed tools for operation

Transport case

Operational manual

HEAD NOT INCLUDED! Select the desired head angle

Part Numbers
Bevelling system B15 without milling head 25220
Spare head 30° (including screws, blades and roller)25223
Spare head 37,5° (including screws, blades and roller)25227 set
Spare head 45° (including screws, blades and roller)25222
Spare head 50° (including screws, blades and roller) 25224
Spare head 60° (including screws, blades and roller) 25240
Indexable inserts, coated, 5 pc a package25231
Spare screw for fixing the blade25241