Beam Bug III

The Beam Bug is a lightweight, easy to carry machine designed to cut beams, channels and angles from one rail setting. It produces smooth, square, accurate cuts and virtually eliminates grinding and touch up. Now, you can take the machine to the work and greatly reduce material handling costs.

The Beam Bug is positioned on the work piece by placing the beam rail on top of the beam. This rail is held in position by powerful permanent magnets and beam clamps. The beam rails enable miter cuts on webs, and when the work can positioned, on the flanges too.

The BEAM BUG carriage has a push-button clutch and locks onto the beam rail. It is easily removed for handling and/or storage. A single speed control sets both vertical and horizontal travel speed. Movement in either direction is selected by a toggle switch. Positive rack and pinion drives with infinitely variable speed control insure precise cutting speeds. Limit switches prevent vertical overrun. Gases are controlled by a quick-acting manifold which eliminates repetitive torch adjustment. Double-bearing wheels provide rigidity and accuracy. The torch holder and torch swivel to the correct position, and positioning pins set bevel angles. The BEAM BUG III is supplied with a 10" (254mm) two-hose machine torch and three cutting tips. (Specify fuel gas and voltage when ordering.)

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